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Heli lift makes appearance on Fast and Loud / Gas Monkey Garage

Heli continues its move up the global forklift rankings

Heli Americas is pleased to report that Anhui Heli has once again made a significant move up the global listing of Forklift manufacturers and is now ranked number nine in the world for 2012. Previously ranked number eleven by the same dhf-intralogistik's survey this move represents a 25.4% sales growth from 2011 to 2012. Other industry rankings for 2012 include Anhui Heli as number eight as shown by Modern Materials Handling based on their August 1, 2012 issue. This impressive growth by the number one supplier in China, Anhui Heli is fueled by their growth in both the world and US markets. Modern Materials Handling had ranked Anhui Heli number ten in 2011. Revenues have grown from $815 million to $1 Billion in 2011 per dhf-intralogistik's survey in ForkliftAction.com. dfh also showed Anhui Heli manufacturing 100,000 units in 2012.

With this move to the position of the number nine global manufacturer Anhui Heli ties Nissan and passes Komatsu, Clark and Doosan in this important ranking. For more information regarding this or questions relating to Heli Americas please contact Heli Americas at (901) 255-0735 or camp@heliamericas.com

Heli continues its move up the global forklift rankings

Some good press for us !!

Heli Americas logs gains during 2011
Thursday, 1 Dec 2011 ( #542 ) - Memphis, TN, United States - News Story

Heli Americas reports market success during 2011 and the possibility of adding two or three dealers by 31 December and plans to add a major account manager in early 2012.

"2011 was a very good year for Heli Americas with sales revenues showing an increase of over 100% versus 2010," says Bruce Pelynio, president and chief executive officer of Memphis-based Dobbs Imports LLC, trading as Heli Americas and covering 31 US states, distributing forklifts from Anhui Heli Co Ltd of Hefei, China. Sales and dollar volumes were withheld.

"We continue to add to, and upgrade, our dealer network and now have 23 dealerships with 50 locations," he notes. "We have also increased our market penetration into key major accounts." Pelynio is searching for the first member of a dedicated national account team.

Heli Americas found opportunities during the economic downturn that "gave people a chance to use our product and service it in their fleets," Pelynio says. "The outcome of these extended demonstrations of the Heli product was the realisation that it provides an extremely robust design with a very user-friendly maintenance interface for the end user's service team."

David Alexander joined Heli Americas in mid-2010 as eastern regional marketing manager covering 16 eastern states and certain key national accounts.

Southwest Equipment Sales of Denver, Colorado represents the Heli brand in the other 19 US states.

Heli aims to be world leader

Wednesday, 18 May 2011
Anhui, China - News Story

Now in its 12th five-year plan, Heli aims to produce 120,000 forklifts annually and make RMB12 billion (USD1.845 billion) in sales revenue by the end of 2015.

The Chinese forklift manufacturer also wants to become the world's leading forklift manufacturer. According to Anhui Economic News, Heli has ranked number one in China's forklift industry for 20 consecutive years and has the largest domestic industrial vehicle R&D, manufacturing and export base.

"Heli has always adhered to independent innovation, focused on the adjustment of product structure, promoted in-depth integration of industrialisation and information, and its main economic and technical indicators have ranked [it] number one in China's forklift industry for 20 consecutive years," the report said.

In 2010, Heli's annual production output reached 60,000 units and its operating revenue exceeded RMB5 billion (USD768.8 million). Heli says that was the best performing year in its history.

By Tom Andel, Contributing editor
Lift trucks: Why buying may overtake leasing

June 28, 2010

Judging by the latest Equipment Data Associates (EDA) report, there's a huge downward trend in lift truck sales. But is Bruce Pelynio worried? Not a bit. As president and CEO of Heli Americas, Memphis-based distributor for China's Anhui Heli lift trucks, he sees a trend toward lift truck ownership rather than leasing. The EDA reports track trucks that are financed, and these days financing is hard to find, he says.

"People are being forced to buy through non financial merchandising means because the banks aren't loaning money like they used to," he told me. "People are using in-house financing or cash to purchase lift trucks. There aren't as many players involved in commercial financing for lift trucks as there were two years ago."

If that's true, it makes sense that buyers are looking for products they think will give them more than four or five years of life. But that also makes maintenance more important, especially as trucks survive past their warranty. Pelynio sees that as one of his greatest opportunities, particularly with IC trucks. He says he has won four major accounts from competitors in the last six months solely because these clients didn't want to pay for long term maintenance on the more sophisticated equipment they had been purchasing.

"The guys who buy gas powered trucks tend to do their own service and they don't like the fact that they can't do that any more," Pelynio said.

And with diesel standards changing in 2011 thanks to new EPA guidelines, lift truck manufacturers will have to deal with more expensive engines, therefore buyers will have to deal with more expensive lift trucks. But cost won't be the only problem. Manufacturers face design challenges. It's one thing to put urea injection and afterburners on a big 20,000 pound fork lift, but where does that technology fit on a 5,000 pound pneumatic?

"Because of that I think we'll see people go back to LP or gas power for those size trucks and away from diesel," Pelynio told me.

On the electric side, he sees fast charging opening doors for these trucks at facilities that were traditionally LP. Take trucking operations, for example. They typically don't have room for charging stations in truck terminals. But fast charging fits the typical operating pattern for lift trucks at these terminals. They are run full out for three or four hours and then sit for two or three. During that window of opportunity, fast charging allows users to charge the batteries while they're still in the lift trucks. So, does Pelynio expect to see a widespread upswing in fast charging very soon?

"Not many people have bitten because the up front costs are more expensive," he admits. "However in California where emission regulations are getting so onerous, you'll see people looking at it more."

From Material Handling Wholesaler
Dobbs Imports LLC (dba Heli Americas) announces new equity partner


Dobbs Imports LLC (dba Heli Americas) has announced the addition of Sunshine Enterprise, Inc. as a new equity partner into the Heli Americas operating group. Sunshine Enterprise is a multinational manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with offices in New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles as well as Shenzhen, China. Sunshine Enterprises founder and CEO Wei Chen currently employs over 400 staff and operates 1 million square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space in both North America and China.

Bruce Pelynio, president and CEO of Heli Americas stated that "The addition of Sunshine Enterprises will provide "in country" communication capabilities with the Anhui Heli group based on their extensive operations adjacent to the Anhui Heli manufacturing facilities". In addition the partnership between Heli Americas and Sunshine Enterprises will provide the capability to increase the range of material handling products offered by Heli Americas to their distributors the U.S. market.

From folkliftaction.com
Rental firm names Heli as preferred supplier

Newsletter #346 -- 02/07/2008

Construction equipment rental company Volvo Rents has appointed Heli as its preferred North American vendor for industrial forklift products.

Volvo Rents is a "significant user who had evaluated and utilised other forklift brands in the past but found the combination of Heli features, performance and overall user 'friendliness' from a maintenance standpoint to be the best value available," says Bruce Pelynio, president and chief executive officer of Dobbs Imports LLC (trading as Heli Americas). "This is obviously a significant customer for Heli." In January, Volvo Rents and the Heli distribution organisation reached an agreement that allows Volvo Rents franchisees to source the full line of new Heli forklifts to meet customer industrial material handling needs.

Forklifts will be supplied to Volvo Rents locations by Heli Americas of Memphis, Tennessee in 31 states; Southwest Equipment Sales of Denver, Colorado in 19 states; and Heli Canada of Thorold, Ontario will supply Canada. Volvo Rents of Asheville, North Carolina has more than 70 rental locations in North America and another 70 elsewhere. Volvo Rents is a subsidiary of Volvo Construction Equipment North America Inc, a division of Göteborg, Sweden-based AB Volvo..

Anhui Heli Co Ltd of Hefei, China manufactures the forklifts and is making strides in building its distribution networks in North America, Europe and elsewhere and offering a broader range of Heli forklift models. Anhui Heli has projected manufacturing more than 40,000 units in 2008, up from last year's output of 38,500 units. No details were available on the volume of Heli forklifts reaching the North American market.

From folkliftaction.com
CITA joins the Alliance

Newsletter #341 -- 12/20/2007

The China Industrial Truck Association (CITA) has accepted an offer to join the Alliance of Industrial Truck Organisations (AITO), a forum that discusses matters of concern to forklift manufacturers.

At AITO's September meeting, presidents of the Federation of European Material Handling Association (FEM), Industrial Truck Association (ITA) and Japan Industrial Vehicle Association (JIVA) invited CITA to join the alliance.

ITA president James Malvaso says AITO wants to promote common interests among its members: "It's time the worldwide industry recognises the importance of China as a producer and consumer of our products."

Malvaso says AITO members work together through discussions and concerted actions regarding statistics, standards and regulations relevant to its members. He adds that while the alliance welcomes CITA as a member, the Chinese association needs to develop a management committee composed solely of industrial truck manufacturers to work with the manufacturing members of ITA, FEM and JIVA. "We have common concerns with standards, statistics and government regulations and we need a united front to maximise our efforts."

AITO rotates its meetings between Europe, Japan and the US. The next meeting is held in conjunction with the JIVA annual meeting on 16 May 2008. CITA has offered to host the 2009 meeting. Established in 1998, AITO is composed of the management committees of the participating associations.

From Modern Material Handling
Financing is lift truck maker Heli's growth strategy

By Tom Andel, Editor in chief -- 10/01/2007

Heli Americas,a Memphis-based distributor for Anhui Heli lift trucks, has taken another step in solidifying this Chinese supplier's U.S. market presence. De Lage Landen Financial Services, a global provider of asset-based financing products to manufacturers and distributors of capital goods, has signed an exclusive agreement with Heli Americas to provide a subsidized retail lease program, wholesale floor plan financing and rental fleet financing for Heli America's dealers.

Initially, the program will focus on Heli's offering of internal combustion trucks (Class 4 and Class 5).

"This will allow our dealers and us the ability to go after some more significant accounts," he says. "If someone wants to buy a lift truck in Cincinnati and San Diego, we can have a master lease program that allows them to have one set of documents through one company in both locations. This gives us a national presence from a financial standpoint."

Pelynio also expects this deal to make the Heli brand more attractive as a prospect to other dealers because DLL will provide wholesale financing for their stock and their rental fleets.

Pelynio says Heli is in the same position that leaders like Toyota and Nissan were in 20 years ago as they attracted dealers that were abandoning faltering lines. Rod Versteegh, president of DLL's Materials Handling & Construction global business unit agrees."We anticipate great growth potential over the next several years as Heli Americas continues to add to its rapidly growing dealer base," he says.

From Monitordaily.com
De Lage Landen Signs Program Agreement With Forklift Distributor

-- 8/29/2007

De Lage Landen Financial Services announced that it has signed an exclusive program agreement with Heli Americas, a Memphis, Tennessee-based distributor of Heli forklifts.

The agreement will provide a subsidized retail lease program, wholesale floor plan financing, and rental fleet financing for Heli Americas' dealers. Initially, the program will focus on Heli's offering of Class IV and V lift trucks.

"We anticipate great growth potential over the next several years as Heli Americas continues to add to its rapidly growing dealer base," says Rod Versteegh, president of De Lage Landen's Materials Handling & Construction global business unit.

"The partnership between Heli Americas and De Lage Landen provides the ability to secure nationwide wholesale and retail financing options to the expanding base of Heli dealers and retail customers," says Bruce Pelynio, president-CEO of Heli Americas. "This combination of Heli product and De Lage Landen's financial services will allow Heli Americas to grow our market presence by meeting the needs of those customers who not only require a quality product at a competitive price, but also desire to utilize financial merchandising to further reduce their material handling cost."

Dobbs Imports buys Heli business in 31 states

MEMPHIS, Tenn.— Heli's forklift distribution in eastern and central regions of the United States is getting a fresh start under new ownership.

Consequently, the significance of pending Heli-related litigation is now moot.

Newly formed Dobbs Imports LLC, of Memphis, Tennessee, USA, acquired the Heli distribution business in 31 states from MH Imports Inc, of Dallas, Texas, USA, on January 7.

Forklift industry veteran Bruce Pelynio was named president and CEO of Dobbs Imports under an equity partnership arrangement with diversified investment company Dobbs Management Service LLC (DMS), of Memphis. Dobbs Imports is trading as Heli Americas.

In mid-2006, diversified conglomerate Sammons Enterprises Inc, of Dallas, had hired Pelynio as president of its new MH Imports subsidiary with an intention to develop the Heli business, but legal issues quickly arose.

Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc and its Yale Materials Handling Corp unit, in Greenville, North Carolina, sued Sammons on June 21 in a federal court in North Carolina. They claimed the MH-Heli relationship would violate existing business agreements between Yale and another Sammons forklift-marketing business unit, Briggs Industrial Equipment Inc (Forkliftaction.com News #273)

DMS's involvement and the change of ownership bring the Heli business under an entity without forklift-industry conflicts.

"With the purchase of MH by myself and Dobbs, the litigation is null and void," Pelynio told Forkliftaction.com News. The legal conflict had put Pelynio's earlier MH efforts on hold.

Pelynio's team is now recruiting dealers to market the electric and internal combustion powered forklifts that Anhui Heli Co Ltd, of Hefei, China, manufactures.

"We have not signed any dealers yet,"Pelynio said on January 22. "We have a list of 35 applicants."

Pelynio said Dobbs Imports had a variety of Heli forklifts in US warehouse storage and was positioned to make the units available through new dealership connections. Heli forklifts have lifting capacities of 2,000lbs-22,000lbs (900kg-9,900kg).

Dobbs Imports has hired three marketing managers, each with forklift industry experience. Mike Kennedy joined as Northeast regional manager, based near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Mike Mills, in Charlotte, North Carolina, is Southeast regional manager. Tom DeRidder, in Chicago, Illinois, is the North Central regional manager.

Pelynio's organisation and two other North American Heli distributors collaborated in exhibiting at the January 8-11 ProMat trade show in Chicago.

Southwest Equipment Sales (SWES), of Denver, Colorado, represents Heli in 19 US states, and a division of Canadian Forklift Distributors Ltd, of Thorold, Canada, covers all Canadian provinces.

Dobbs Imports and SWES plan to have Heli equipment in a booth at the American Rental Association's February 7-10 Rental Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to Dobbs Imports, other current investments of private equity firm DMS include beer distributorships and health-plan administration. The lineage for the family-run business goes back to 1920 and has included ownership of automobile dealerships, restaurants and airline catering services.


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